I grew up in Mississauga, ON, living off the words of authors like Judy Blume, J.K. Rowling and Shel Silverstein. I quickly grew into a moody adolescent who, despite the need for an attitude adjustment, stayed curious and consumed news like it was in short supply and would soon run out.

Those interests led to an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies and English from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Master degree in Journalism from Ryerson University. I also took up travel as an (expensive) hobby, in search of all things books just can’t teach.

05e8f47I’m now a multimedia journalist, and for the past three years I have worked as a reporter, producer and researcher at reputable newsrooms in Ontario and Nova Scotia.


I love my job because everyday is different. And now, instead of learning from books, I learn about the world by writing about it and by interviewing the people who live in it.

Here, you will find multimedia stories from my most recent position as a reporter at The Chronicle Herald in Halifax. I covered everything from politics and health to sports and culture; all with an east coast focus.

You will also get a feel for my longform writing (and my thoughts on the industry I work in) from my time as a feature writer at a student run magazine called, The Ryerson Review of Journalism.

I also took a run at science and technology reporting as an online contributor at Motherboard, VICE, and covered a few big city weddings as a writer at Toronto Life magazine.

If you want to learn about me and my work, I’d be happy to share over a strong cup of coffee.